Fibreglass Mobile Scaffold Narrow 5.0m Platform


Bayside fibreglass mobile scaffold contains lightweight components which allows easy assembly and transport. Complete with Work Cover NSW certification means this scaffold can be used in domestic and commercial fields.

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The single width platform is perfect for tight corridors and footpaths up to 800mm narrow. Additionally, fibreglass towers can be used near power lines, shutdowns, railway stations and areas near live wires.

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Workcover certifies double width mobile scaffolds without support to a maximum height of 5m. Mobile scaffolds over 5m require outriggers by law which must be positioned to maintain a height to minimum base width ratio of 3:1 the height of towers with a base width less than 1.2m should not exceed twice least base dimensions.
A licensed scaffolder is required for the erection, alteration or dismantling of a tower or mobile scaffold where there is a risk that a person or object could fall more than 4 metres from the platform or the structure. (AS/NZS 4576:1995, 10.3.8 Tower-frame scaffolds)

Length: 2.4m

Width: 0.74m

Safe Work Load (SWL):  225kg

Wheel Size: 8 Inch (200mm)

Platform Material: FIbreglass & Laminated Plywood

Tube Diameter: 50mm

Tube Wall Thickness: 4mm

Work Cover Plank Registration Number: PFS 6-172738/13

1 Year Manufactures Warranty

10 Years Welding Warranty

Quantity Description Individual Weight(kg) Total Weight(kg)
4 FRP 3 Rung Narrow Frames 1598mm 7.80 31.20
2 FRP 2 Rung Wide Frames 1103mm 6.10 12.20
2 FRP Guard Rail Narrow Frames 814.5mm 4.60 9.20
10 FRP Horizontal Braces 1829mm 2.30 23.00
10 FRP Diagonal Braces 2079.8mm 2.50 25.00
1 FRP Platform with Hatch 1829mm 16.50 16.50
2 604mm Toe Board 1.00 2.00
4 1782mm Toe Board 3.15 12.60
8 Toe Board Clip
4 8 inch KwikAlly Castor Wheel 5.55 22.20
2 FRP Ladder 2.8m 10.80 21.60
2 FRP 2.8m Ladder Supporter 3.60 7.20




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